Through the voices of a diverse cast of women, simultaneously real and mythological, Christine Sloan Stoddard’s Desert Fox by the Sea addresses issues of racism, sexism, shame, social inequality, personal identity—all in gorgeous verse and riveting prose. These are tales of modern tragedy, unflinching in their struggle, honesty, and art.

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Rendered in crisp, vivid language, this collection of poems and stories, through an array of characters, often female, confronts trying situations without detour. Desert Fox by the Sea widens the eyes and the heart, one page after another – truly an accomplished work.

—Michael Onofrey, author of Sightseeing and Bewilderment

In Christine Sloan Stoddard’s Desert Fox by the Sea, dreams are tested repeatedly. Some bend, others break, but more often than not, they show their resilience and fierce determination. The women in Stoddard’s stories and poems are sensitive, intelligent, self-aware, and resolute. This lyrical collection examines the heart at its most longing and its most hopeful, pulsing with fire and joy.

—Catherine Kyle, author of Shelter in Place and Parallel

Christine Sloan Stoddard's DESERT FOX is a gift. The insights and observations the speaker gives us are raw, chilling, and real. In "Twenty-Six," the speaker of the poem recalls her mother with an uncommon clarity, and a pregnant sadness: "I was sure she had fallen asleep. Cuddling was forbidden." Stoddard also explores race and identity. In "Teacher," the speaker says, "No one ever believed I was half Mexican because I was milk white. People scanned me for a just a hint of brownness." This is a dense collection to read over and over again."

—Joanna C. Valente, author of Sexting Ghosts and editor of SHADOW MAP: Writing by Survivors of Sexual Assault