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Chris Danowski's work is hard to describe, so I'm not even going to try. I would much rather describe how I feel when I read his work (and this is often how I feel being around Chris in general): I feel happy, I feel that maybe being human isn't so bad after all, and I feel hope. I'm very excited for you to read the work you hold in your hands, and I'm even MORE excited to present DOGSEAR as the first book published by Hoot n Waddle.
—Jared Duran, Editor in Chief

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There is a wild happy language electricity in Christopher Danowski, and watchout, just watchout! because he got some on this book. Be calm, citizens, but know DOGSEAR is bringing new surprises to our old stories.
—RON CARLSON, writer (Room Service, Return to Oakpine)

DOGSEAR is like skin, connecting your self to the outside world, a manifestation of thoughts that are felt, hearts beating, spirits for company… Listen to this wisdom, let yourself be transported where the magic carpet that is DOGSEAR wants to take you.
—LAURA GONZALEZ, artist and writer (Transart Institute, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

DOGSEAR is a sweet multi-genre tour of consciousness. It illuminates and beguiles with dialogue, snapshots, myth, fragments… Danowski has been in the genius-forefront of experi-theatre for decades, offering performance/theatre of kindness and wisdom [and] DOGSEAR is a morning confection of peaches and fresh-blended whipping cream.
—RED SHUTTLEWORTH, poet and writer (Woe to the Land Shattering, Rumors and Borders: Eight Western Plays)

This small book of writings shows the reader only a glimpse of what Chris Danowski sees and thinks. [DOGSEAR] is a magical delight and should not be missed.

Even though you might not know how Danowski put it together, [DOGSEAR] is a book you want to have so your imagination has something to do. You can probably even share this with your dog, who you will look at differently because you will be laughing and nicer after you read it.
—ARTHUR SABATINI, professor of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies at Arizona State University

Danowski's writing sears, burns, soars, cleanses. And he makes me laugh. He's like a Neil Young lead or a Jasper Johns flag map you want to get lost in. Read this. Inhale this. If you have a table, this book should be on it. (Oh. And his kid can draw. I guess it's in the blood or something.)
—JIM LEONARD, playwright and TV Writer/Producer (The Diviners, Dexter)