In Brief:

Limited Engagement is a weekly arts and culture podcast hosted and created by Jared Duran. The only (I'm pretty sure…please, correct me if I'm wrong…) show of its kind based in Phoenix, AZ, LE features local artists, writers, musicians, and anyone else tied into arts and culture, as well as those touring through town who fit that bill.

The Longer Version:

Since beginning Limited Engagement in May of 2015 the show has grown and evolved. Where once there was only one episode per month (the live one done on third Fridays), there is now a show uploaded every week. We have a website now. We are a "we" now. Jared books all the guests, does the recording and production, writes The Blarg, does all the social media updates, and does (only) the easy stuff he can't fuck up on the website. Janell Hughes designed and maintains this awesome website, creates all of the graphics, and figures out how to do all the stuff Jared gets frustrated with (see: YouTube). We love the arts and we love pop culture. (I mean, you should see the walls of books, movies, CDs, and albums at LTD HQ.) We love these things and we want to share that love with you while celebrating the writers, musicians, and artists who make them. We hope that you discover something new while listening to each episode.

If you are a local artist, or will be touring through Phoenix, we would probably love to talk to you. Contact us either by emailing ltd.engagement(at) or through our Facebook page.

Limited Engagement: It's like the X-Files, only not.

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