Hoot n Waddle is a publishing and digital audio company run by a hoot and a waddle, or Jared Duran and Janell Hughes. Started in 2016, HnW began as a platform for Phoenix, AZ-based arts and culture podcasts (a co-op of sorts). In March of 2018, it was announced that the company would enter the independent publishing world, with the first books slated for release in the fall of the same year.

We've got big plans and even bigger ideas here at Hoot n Waddle, but while our heads are in the clouds, our feet remain firmly on the ground—which either means that we're extraordinarily tall, the clouds are really low to the ground, we've got giraffe necks, or we've got floating heads. Enjoy all of those visuals. You're welcome.

Services offered by Hoot n Waddle include:

  • Digital Audio (podcasting)
  • Recording
  • Production
  • File and site hosting services
  • Design services (logo, website, etc.)
  • Editing
  • Layout and design
  • Sales and marketing

All proposals, inquiries, questions, comments, gushing praise, and petty complaints should be sent to hootnwaddle@gmail.com, but don't send us your manuscripts. If we receive your manuscripts in our inbox, we're going to assume that you didn't read our submission guidelines, and that would be a shame.

Keep it surreal!

Hoot n Waddle